The world’s first – Enterprise Value focused – business solutions framework

Written by the EVO5x team

8 July 2021

In today’s uncertain world, instant access to all the relevant information needed to navigate your organisation through a rapidly changing and complex business landscape has become mission-critical.

It is imperative for business success to have a single data source of accurate, auditable information for making rapid, informed decisions by interconnecting management processes. EVO5x creates “one truth” for decision making.

EVO5x strives to improve the enterprise value of companies by providing value optimising business solutions that enable powerful, sustainable results by delivering:

  • Multidimensional scenario analysis in real-time;
  • Simplifying complexities;
  • Navigating the wave of uncertainty;
  • Getting to know what we don’t know;
  • Scenario-based enterprise value.

EVO5x’s multidisciplinary team comprises professionals with a wealth of experience in the telecoms industry and many years of real-world technical experience. Our team of SME (subject matter experts) and industry veterans was instrumental in developing our methodologies and business solutions, enabled by world-class technology.

Our experience has convinced us that a new and innovative approach to strategy, planning and operations is required in today’s rapidly changing world, and business landscape, to address and overcome the challenges faced in the telecoms industry. Mobile network operators face unique challenges evidenced by the constant decline in revenue, EBITDA, operating income, and free cash flow, coupled with an alarming increase in debt levels over the last ten years.

The above is the result of outdated planning and management approaches, including:
• Growth of market share without understanding the impact of financial results;
• Pursuing revenue growth without consideration of the impact on EBIT and other critical metrics;
• Perpetual capital investments without understanding the impact of each investment on operating income/margin;
• The use of EBITDA as an accurate cashflow proxy and key-value driver, despite its severe shortcomings;
• Cumbersome budgeting, planning and reporting processes and systems.

EVO5x’s answer to the above disrupts the “business-as-usual” (management as usual) way of running an organisation by:

  1. interconnected management processes, with end-to-end feedback loops, ensure continuous synergies between people, systems and processes, and
  2. to produce a Gestalt effect where the whole is greater than the sum of their separate effects.

EVO5x is designed explicitly for sustainable competitive advantage in a rapidly changing, uncertain, volatile and complex business landscape. This is facilitated uniquely on a single platform that connects people, processes, assets & information.

Operational performance is restricted by current solutions, that do not support dynamic planning and decision-making within and across functional silos. The gaps are characterised by the term “the messy middle”.

It is by nature time-consuming, complex and inaccurate, resulting in slow suboptimal outcomes and reaction times. The prime methods are a combination of email, spreadsheets, and traditional reporting tools.

The EVO5x solution – connecting data, people and plans – will enable you to make better, faster decisions and thus allow your business to stay ahead of the competition while simultaneously achieving common goals across organisations.

EVO5x’s solutions connect Finance, Marketing, Technology (Assets) and Sustainability (ESG) on a real-time basis, allowing you to migrate from reporting and measurement, to management and planning:

The EVO5x solutions framework improves decision making through agile and efficient planning that is tailor-made for the individual MNO’s unique environment and processes.





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